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OneSource is an IT company specialized in the fields of data communications, security, networking and systems management, including the consultancy, auditing, design, development and lifetime administration of specialized IT solutions for corporate networks, public-sector institutions, utilities and telecommunications operators.

OneSource provides consulting and auditing services in the fields of security, communication networks, IT infrastructures and information systems.
  • Security audits (network, infrastructure, applications).
  • Forensics analysis.
  • Data privacy and data protection auditing.
  • Support for certification processes such as PCI-DSS and ISO27001.
  • Data backup and recovery operations – planning and auditing.
  • Incident response.
Networking & IT Infrastructures
  • On-field network and infrastructure surveys.
  • Lifecycle planning of corporate networks and IT infrastructures, including design, specification, expert counseling in purchase processes and support to migration processes.
  • Optimization of communications costs.
  • Forensics analysis for service breakdown incidents.
  • Data loss incidents (forensics analysis, emergency data recovery).
Information Systems
  • Support to certification processes such as ITIL and COBIT.
  • Consulting on integration of information systems.
  • Profiling and performance optimization of services and applications.
  • Strategic planning of corporate information systems.
Infrastructure Management
OneSource has a longtime experience in the design, implementation and administration of corporate networks and information systems.

OneSource provides outsourcing services covering the whole spectrum of network and systems administration needs, from specialized security, cloud and database administration to front-end helpdesk services. OneSource is fully responsible for networks and systems serving tens of thousands of users – on public sector institutions and private companies. OneSource also provides specialized managed IT services to customers running their own IT infrastructure, in order to complement their own human resources.

Deployment Services

OneSource provides deployment services for specialized networking and computing infrastructures, including planning, installation, configuration, service and data migration and pre-production testing.


OneSource provides 24/7 monitoring services for critical infrastructures and applications, for purposes such as first-level response, preventive and reactive fault management, SLA management and accounting. These services are provided on top of OneSource’s own monitoring framework, which supports generalist and specialized applications, networking and computing resources.

Customized Systems
Development of customized applications and information systems and integration of already existing information systems is one of the key areas of OneSource's business
Systems integration

Systems integration activities cover both large-scale projects, targeting full integration of customers businesses, and specialized extension of already existing applications, in order to support new features and/or new interface channels. OneSource also provides advanced integration of hardware devices into existing or novel information systems – for instance integration of medical equipment data on health applications, integrated management of energy smart meters and other wireless sensors, smart factory solutions for prefabricated buildings (including lifecycle management of components and materials) and wearable devices for first responders (live audio-video communications, live sensor data).

Software Development

Customized software development includes the design and development of specialized applications (e.g. structural calculus for civil engineering, advanced processing of medical data), as well as more generalist corporate websites and intranet/extranets.


OneSource has a broad experience on the development of mobile applications, ranging from applications specifically designed for mobile devices to more integrated systems, including for instance custom-built hardware (mobile and wearable devices), operator-assisted platforms for voice and video applications and network management applications for telecommunications operators.

OneSource is a technological spin-off from University of Coimbra. Faithfull to its origins, OneSource keeps a strong involvement in R&D activities.
Research Services

Research services provided by OneSource to its customers include technology transfer projects, turnkey product development services, specialized hardware-software systems integration and design of custom-tailored ICT solutions for supporting third-party research activities in specialized fields such as telecommunications, security, health systems, e-government, sociology, civil engineering and mechanical engineering.

Research Projects

In order to provide its customers with state-of-art solutions, OneSource is an active partner in European research programs such as EUREKA and H2020, as well as in national programs such as Portugal 2020. Take a look at some of the projects we are proud of:

Building a low-carbon, climate resilient future: Research and innovation in support of the European Green Deal
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